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Change things letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence!

In 2000, Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle made his debut with the book Funky Business (co-author Kjell A. Nordström). The book quickly became an international phenomenon, selling in excess of 300,000 copies. Funky Business was recently ranked at number 16 in a Bloomsbury survey of the best business books of all time.

The sequel, Karaoke Capitalism, came out in 2004. Recently, Jonas and Kjell launched an updated version of Funky Business, called Funky Business Forever. His latest manifesto for how to make in the new world of business, Re-energizing the Corporation (co-authored with Mark Wilcox) was published in 2008.

Jonas’ books have been translated into more than 30 languages and published in more than 50 countries worldwide.





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