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I just had a brilliant idea!

Since the publication of Jonas’ first bestseller Funky Business back in 2000, he has continued to produce food for thought that helps people make it in the new world of business. Dr. Ridderstråle is an unconventional thinker fit for our unconventional times.

Are you interested in 99 bankable propositions? Look elsewhere. If you want to figure out why the Pope launched a rap CD, the ways in which Karl Marx was right or why most companies are facing the risk of being killed by management, then you’ve come to the right place.

Jonas asks questions that trigger new thoughts and discussions. In our deregulated world, more and more responsibilities rest with the single individual. So, we must all arm ourselves with the knowledge needed to take smart decisions.

Ideally, Jonas’ thoughts should help you give birth to your own unique ideas. That is what will have an impact on the competitiveness of your business and your own career.

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