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Leading leadership:
Developing a corporate religion

People can be extraordinarily courageous and take tough decisions only when they have something to believe in. The most successful organizations on our planet are all systems of faith. Securing the capacity and capability to produce change therefore requires a “corporate religion”. This overall purpose guarantees a clear direction and co-ordinated action.

Dr. Ridderstråle outlines the key elements that you should find in a great business bible and poses a series of questions with a patented impact on the competitiveness of any organization:

  • Ideological – Your Dream: Do you have a dream, or just five year plans?
  • Mythical – Your Stories: Do you have a CSO – a Chief Storytelling Officer?
  • Ritual – Your Ceremonies: Do you hold ceremonies for triumphs and tragedies?
  • Ethical – Your Values: Do you tolerate mistakes and failure?
  • Emotional – Your Experience: Do you have personalized EVPs – Employee Value Propositions?
  • Material – Your Things: Do you have a place enabling talent to play at work?
  • Organizational – Your Structures: Do you have arrangements ensuring collective intelligence?

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