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Life in the Funky Village:
Business megatrends

Today, most people live, work and have to do business in a deregulated global economy. More and more individuals enjoy the freedom of choice. In effect, a number of trends with a direct impact on what it takes to succeed in the new world of commerce are arising. Among other things, Dr. Ridderstråle discusses how we can capitalize on these freedom movements by understanding the shift toward increased calls for:

  • Democratization: Information available at your fingertips
  • Meritocratization: Why talent makes capital dance
  • Migration: Winning the great global attraction game
  • Customization: The customer as a co-designer/producer
  • Feminization: The new world of Shenomics
  • Personalization: When one size no longer fits all
  • MANipulation: Nip/Tuck and why 80 is the new 60
  • Fragmentation: Why we are Bowling Alone
  • Tribalization: Profiting from the Peoples Republic of Paris Hilton
  • Polarization: Get ready for the double economy

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