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Making Change Happen

In today’s topsy-turvy times, a company is either quick or dead. A function of mass and energy determines velocity – the lower the mass and the greater the energy the faster an object moves. Since the early 1990s, most companies have been more or less obsessed with processes focused on de-massification. Managers have out-sourced and off-shored, downsized and rightsized.

At the same time, many organizations have neglected the other variable of the function – energy. The new challenge is the one of re-energizing the corporation. The 1990s gave us a competence-based view of the firm. Now, the time has come to move on and profit from a new perspective that boosts the energy level of the enterprise.

Dr. Ridderstråle talks about how you can lead change by:

  • Envisioning the future: use your competence to analyze the context and challenge the organization

  • Engaging people: build confidence by managing all critical relationships individually and commitment will follow
  • Executing strategies: combine personal courage with an uncanny ability to secure both the capacity and capabilities necessary to make change happen.

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