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An invitation to think, feel, and do things differently!

For more than 10 years, Jonas has excited and motivated people to make a difference – for themselves and their organizations. In conference keynotes, workshops and after-dinner speeches he continues to educate and entertain audiences from all corners of the world. With a modularized design and interactive preparation he tailors his message to fit the needs of the client – adapting the content to the context. Whether in business or government, HR or marketing and sales, Jonas leaves groups with the ideas and inspiration necessary to make positive change happen.

Dr. Ridderstråle in brief - download PDF



Read more about how Dr. Ridderstråle combines his material from Funky Business, Karakoe Capitalism, Re-energizing the Corporation and beyond into conference keynotes, work-shops, after-dinner speeches.


See what some recent client's have had to say about Dr. Ridderstråle's performance on stage, contribution to the events, and how his message goes down with audiences around the world.

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