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The +Factors: New recipes for success

To stand a chance of truly turning up after the downturn, we must radically rethink the traditional recipes for business success. The best leaders apply a positive logic of PLUS – moving beyond the person, the present and the existing paradigm of management.

Using examples from some of the most successful contemporary corporations, Dr. Ridderstråle presents four key ideas to help us turn up the volume and expand our businesses:

  • The enterprise+: ​How your corporation can effectively mimic the principles of self-organizing systems – compete on we rather than me.
  • The entrepreneurial+: What it will take in terms of re-inventing management practices to be able to lead a corporation that is as good at innovation as the organization of the past was at exploitation.
  • The evolutionary+: How successful competitive strategies must evolve to reflect new customer requirements in a world where most people feel stressed, bored, lonely and anonymous.
  • The emotional+: What you need to do to effectively deal with the challenge of utilizing the full potential of also the emotional capital of the firm.

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