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The Future Firm:
The shape of things to come

The successful corporation of the 21st century will be fundamentally different from the one that dominated the industrial era. Gone are the days of the local and bureucratic conglomerate.

Today, wealth is made with wisdom, and customers are more demanding than ever. In a world with a surplus of products and services of similar prices and quality, the future firm must thrive on its ability to be different and add value in new ways.

Dr. Ridderstråle outlines where we should expect to find the firm of the future, what it will look like, and how it will operate. Learn more about how the company of tomorrow profits from the changing cicumstances and the unpredictability of our times. Find out why the winners must be;

  • Focused 
  • Leveraged  
  • Innovative
  • Heterarchical 

and how the best organizations are already working hard on re-inventing the corporation as we know it!

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