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The Holy Grail of Business:
Compete on fitness and sex-appeal

We remember the likes of Dell and Dylan for their ability to innovate and then continuously re-invent themselves. Successful corporations and individuals perfect the art of creating imperfections – monopolies in time or space - the Holy Grail of commerce. In a deregulated world, the new business reality is a “double-economy” with increasing differences between the rest and the best – between countries, within countries and in business.

Forget about normal. Think abnormal. Now, instead of appealing to the average, success is a question of exploring the extremes . Those staying in the middle-of-the-road will be run over by modern monopolists.

Using examples from some of the most successful contemporary business organizations, Dr. Ridderstråle describes two ways in which to build sustainable competitive advantages:

  • Adapt to the new business environment by developing business models that are incredibly fit – exploiting the imperfection of markets.
  • Compete on sex-appeal through taking advantage of the imperfections of man by competing on moods.

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