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What people have said

"Funky Business gives a unique, informed and defiantly funky perspective on the new world order. It is the antidote to bland writing and bland thinking."

Tom Peters

"Could barely, literally put down, Funky Business."

Warren Bennis

“An irreverent take on how business is changing in the Internet era.”

Fortune Magazine

"The gospel of the new thinking is Funky Business"

Industry Standard

"It's the best un-businesslike business book I have ever read ....Funky Business is less of a business handbook and more of a religion. It should be treated like a chain letter - read it and pass it onto 10 other people." (or even better, tell 10 other people to buy it) .... This book should carry a government health warning: Read with care - this book will seriously blow your mind. Go on, read it, be a devil - after all, you only live once."

Human Resources

"You know when Time magazine trumps the rebirth of design on its from cover that something's up. You know too that the world of "boring is best commerce" is taking note of change when books like Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordstrom's Funky Business hits the best-seller lists."

Viewpoint magazine

"Funky Business is a better book than most novels but it is not for bedtime. It will jerk you out of your complacency and make you question your very existence. It will transform your brain."

Customer Management

"Funky Business - the groovy bible of modern business philosophy"

Red magazine

"What I've found really thought-provoking has been Funky Business by Ridderstrale and Nordstrom - this is so well-written and entertaining, and it conveys some pretty heavy messages such as business and the world will never be the same again, now values are changing the impact of technology, and the new society which is evolving. "

Paul Mosson, Director of HR at Dewar's

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