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What people have said

"If you loved Funky Business as much as I did, you'll love Karaoke Capitalism. Weird? Most certainly. Different? Most definitely. But, if you want to re-imagine your organization and your career it's a thought-provoking place to start."

Tom Peters

"The Swedish economists, who shot to the top of the management guru charts in 2001 with their era-defining book, Funky Business, are back"

Director magazine

“This book is a whole manifesto, one that you shall embed into yourself, and put it into practice. Be sure not to miss it.”


“Karaoke Capitalism of Ridderstrale and Nordstrom can be considered as a great inspiration for business leaders and managers. Although both authors have PhDs in International Business and although this book is full of references to academic literature, Karaoke Capitalism is not a long academic treatise about business. Au contraire. Where many publications intend to tell the reader what to think, this book has the intention to invite people to think for themselves, as individuals.”

European Centre for the Experience Economy

“Excellent, entertaining reading with a serious business purpose, especially for technology entrepreneurs and seed venture capitalists. Recommended.”


“This book provides detailed insight on why you must – and how you can – design an exceptional customer experience by transforming your organization from the inside out.”

Touchpoint Insight

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