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What people have said

“Today, everyone knows what changes are happening and what needs to be done in their own organization. But change seldom happens smoothly or in a planned manner. Even successful organizations find that they do not change fast enough and get disrupted by smaller more nimble organizations. This book, with its focus on “why” change needs to happen and more impoertantly “how” to make change happen, is a welcome guide that can help business leaders bring about change within their organizations.”

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies Ltd

“The ideas presented in this book have been the foundation of the work that we have been doing and have made a substantial contribution to our business.”

Roy White, Vice President, Human Resources, Sony Europe

“This book addresses an issue that is fundamental to the success of a business but often misunderstood. The authors have combined theory, insight, practical tools and examples in a way which will help budding leaders make change happen.”

James Cullens formerly Group HR Director, BOC Group plc and Linde AG

“Wilcox and Ridderstråle have written an important book about leadership and change. Leaders create change, managers maintain the status quo. Leaders courageously challenge the firm to change before change becomes the only remedy for firm survival. Not only must leaders confront all stakeholders with an alternative vision, but, more importantly, they must act fearlessly by not protecting the few at the risk of the many. The book demonstrates how to accomplish these daunting tasks. ...A vital prescription for all firms, and a delight to read.”

Richard W. Beatty, Professor of Human Resource Management, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Core Faculty member, University of Michigan School of Business, Executive Education Center

“This is a highly readable book that links insight to practical application through a series of ‘bright ideas’ and examples drawn from business to entertainment. Re–energizing the talent in any business in order to make change happen rapidly is a goal for all of us and I believe this book can help any reader apply successful techniques to achieve their goals.”

Michael Chivers, Vice President, Human Resources, Sony Ericsson

“The challenge of change to a business can seem overpowering to the individual. Some years ago Jonas Riddestråle inspired me with the idea of building ‘Islands of Funk’ from inside one division of Sony Corporation. If you have a passion to lead and succeed then use Ridderstråle and Wilcox’s Re–energizing the Corporation as your guidebook.”

Miles Flint formerly CEO, Sony Ericsson

“Ridderstråle and Wilcox have set out to write a book that is both inspiring and practical – and have succeeded. Re–energizing the Corporation is a written in an easy style that departs from most management books in that it is accessible and entertaining while at the same time compelling. Anyone leading change in the organisation needs to read this book.”

Paddy Miller, Professor of Managing People in Organizations, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

“Symbols, alliterative groups and some good catch phrases are used to explain that ‘why + how + wow = energy’”

Professional Manager

“…draws well on a range of ideas”

Director – IoD Magazine

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