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Forces of Funk: What drives change?

Only by truly understanding why the socio-economic lanscape is changing so rapidly can you respond to the new challanges in a constructive way. The best leaders have always been business sociologists. They understand that by analyzing the context, you can see opportunities while those who not do so only spot threats. ​

Dr. Ridderstråle has written and thought extensively about the seismic impact of changes in;

  • Technologies
  • Institutions
  • Values

In his speeches, Jonas talks about the how we can benefit from advances in IT and telecommunications – as an individual or a leader of a corporation. Dr. Ridderstråle also discusses the implications of institutional deregulation - on capitalism, nations states, political parties, companies, families, etc. Finally, he outlines the shift from a geographically structured world to one dominated by global biographical tribes and how this will influence life inside and outside our organizations.

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