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Selected topics

In his speaking engagements Jonas Ridderstråle works with a modular “Lego-style” approach. He mixes ideas from the books Funky Business, Karaoke Capitalism, and Re-energizing the Corporation, with his new thinking. This design enables him to be flexible in adapting both content and length of his presentations to the context and specific needs of the client.

In keynotes and after-dinner speeches, Jonas shares his insights into what’s changing in the new world of business. Depending on the client, the impact of these trends is then linked to implications for issues such as business strategy innovation, talent management, new organizational solutions, leadership challenges, etc. Examples used are aligned to the industrial and cultural setting.

In workshops, clients often ask Jonas to spend more time on a particular issue of importance to that group (HR, marketing and sales, young-potentials, IT, R&D, etc) or work interactively on challenges that the corporation is facing.

In this section, we present some of the basic building blocks that Dr. Ridderstråle is currently thinking and talking about. Usually, a presentation covers ideas from several of the topical areas and beyond.

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Examples of slides Jonas uses in his presentations.